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CyberTown BTT

22″ x 44″

Digital Print with Metallic paint

A Buddhist shrine that acts as a beacon signaling another layer of perception. Interfacing with pure information. The guardian of Cybertown manifests. These are all daily happenings in the world of Geylang Crunk and O$P$ (Owe Money Pay Money). In a time when man and technology are beginning to merge, people are finding themselves lost in an overwhelming sea of information, losing track of the TRUTH.

Using the power of the GEYLANG CRUNK beats, O$P$ is set to start a bass filled revolution in a future where anything is possible.

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LACOSTE x MasterRace


Still image of a project for LACOSTE x MasterRace

Lacoste In Motion 

LACOSTE engaged 12 of Singapore’s leading digital storytellers to create their individual interpretations based on the DNA and heritage of the L.12.12 polo shirt. The 12 artists explored the different perspectives of the L.12.12 using multimedia elements such as photography, illustration, and 3D rendering. They were given complete creative freedom to experiment and explore the art form. The animations were then sent to 3 leading sound designers who worked with the animators to create a sound track for each short film. Get ready!