GEYLANG CRUNK is a psyberpunk vision of what South East Asian street culture, art, and
music might look like in the year 2065. GEYLANG CRUNK is an ever expanding
collaborative virtual world that transcends the confines of traditional mediums and bridges
the digital and physical realms. Experience GEYLANG CRUNK through immersive
audio-visual performances and installations, 2D/3D prints, designer toys, augmented/virtual
reality, and everything else in between!
The first manifestation of METAMOVERSE to the general public is the ground-breaking
“Geylang Crunk” immersive music album produced by O$P$ (Owe Money Pay Money). The
music serves as the soundtrack to a fully 3D animated cinematic and virtual reality
experience, each track and music video acting as a chapter in the legend that is GEYLANG
CRUNK. Featuring support from regional musicians and artists, the hybrid album is a 10
track rollercoaster ride following O$P$ and friends on an epic quest of imagination through
the citystate of Neo-Santara in the year 2065, where out of control feedback loops have
broken both the natural world and the human mind, with reality hanging in the balance!

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