The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. COVID-19 has made it difficult to interact physically, while the rapid development of digital technology simultaneously allows us to communicate and create artwork in another level of reality.
METAMO Industries and ULTRASUPERNEW gallery proudly present Liquid Singapore Designs exhibition in which we will explore the alternative way to connect virtual and real world with digital technology such as 3D printing, 2D digital printing, immersive environment and projection. By utilizing novel digital technology into art, it will show the different aspects of technology available now that most people have never encountered.
This is also an embracement of Singapore’s diverse culture from a cutting edge perspective. Art and technology are coherent with each other. Our digital artworks and the way to materialize digital realm into physical body is the precise reflection of current technology, art and society, which is also a vision for the future. We are living in a multiverse of infinite possibilities and the choices we make shape our journey.
There will be 40 unique artworks exhibited. The artwork series Liquid Singapore Designs are a visual representation of what Singapore looks like at a higher dimensional scale, a refraction through the quantum foam where each bubble that arises is a different path through the experience of reality. Familiar patterns and colours of Singapore melt and merge into new states of matter featured in the digital prints by artist SuperCyberTown.
Generous support from Mimaki Singapore made it possible to explore and expand the possibilities of digital printing both in 2D(JFX200-2513EX) and 3D print. The NamelessOnes series was materialized with 3DUJ-553, with a world first capability of utilising over 10 million colours to achieve full colour modeling, based on the technology Mimaki has developed in 2D inkjet printers for professionals use. 3DUJ-553 can printopaque and transparent material simultaneously. NamelessOnes series’ unique look is the embodiment of this unparalleled technology.

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